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Wednesday, February 22, 2006

...and slightly more sweet

Another podcast:
On their show #24- The Girly Show- Seuss & Addie of The Unharshed Mellow Podcast played Deliver Me (52:45 into the show). Their podcast is a cool combo of music and mellow ranting. "Like mad scientists, just not as mad..."


Seaworthy is finally up at the iTunes Store!

Taking the Bitter with the Sweet


The bitter-sweet first.

We play Borders Books in Emeryille--a nice mellow gig with a few cool suprises: Pat Thomas (of Runt Records and Mushroom fame) is there to check us out! MUSHROOM!

And the other not-so-fun surpise: A random thieving cyclist descends upom my gig bag in its one unattended moment in the Borders parking lot and makes a rather leisurely getaway with it. I am chatting with our manager --Mark Weiss--and I look up and put it all together, but, haltingly.

"Hmmmm" I think, "that bag looks a lot like my gig bag. Its funny that guy has one like mine. Hmmmm. Actually, it is mine and he's getting away"

I yell, "Thats my bag!" Everyone nearby stops what they're doing and looks at me curiously.

The thief takes off down the alley. Gary jumps into his car in hot pursuit. Mark jumps in his car in hot pursuit. Gary & Mark come back ten minutes later. No joy. My Shure beta 58 that I have sung into in nightclubs, cafes, halls, radio stations, and houseconcerts is gone. Long live the new Shure.

Oh well--we all still have our limbs, our talents, and our boyish and/ or girlish charms. (Except for the filthy thief who gets a peculiarly bad mark for stealing from musicians--that's BAD! THAT's LOW!!))

Anyhoo. Now for the sweet.

We are getting airplay on Minnesota Morning on KMSU. They played "Members Only" yesterday and "Hours in Reverse (Deja Vu)" was getting play in January!

And! ON KAOS (the Olympia radio station at 89.3 FM) the RADIO 8 Ball Pop Oracle as been magically calling on True Margrit tunes from SEAWORTHY to answer questions (you have to tune in on Tuesdays and check it out cuz that's easier than me trying to explain and not doing it justice) RADIO 8 BALL!!

And well now, that is as sweet as sugar.

Sunday, February 19, 2006

What a Week it has Been Will Be and Was

We are pleased to discover that our song, "MEMBERS ONLY", is referred to in an interview with Leo Kottke in Olymypia, Washington's paper, THE OLYMPIAN: Members Only is a household..uh, word...

(Leo Kottke!!)

The Pound, Blakes, Stork Club, Bazaar Cafe, BORDERS BOOKS....wooooo woooo....SOMEHOW we are finding time amongst all these gigs to cook the odd delicious meal--AND!!! we are on a health kick (scary, does this mean no more bacon soliloquies?). Andrew made some scrumptious roasted chickens, greens & beans, and taters (what's taters, preciousss?), I made some baked catfish--no, not fried not this time my dears, no-- and Sarah made the deliciousest fruit salad ever with cilantro. Cilantro--yes! Try it--though some folk find cilantro to taste rather like dish soap. I know I do --and that's why I love it.

With a week like this who needs months.

(cheers dears)

Saturday, February 18, 2006

Is Pandora reading my mind?

Realizing that many of the members and associates of True Margrit have or are still working for Pandora (formerly Savage Beast), and being a mildly paranoid type, I have to ask a question regarding how the damn thing works. Thus:

Does Pandora read your mind?

Here's the reason I ask... I'm sittin' around (doing my taxes, if you must know) listening to my Pub Rock Radio station (built upon the joyful noises of Nick Lowe, Dave Edmunds/ Rockpile, Brinsley Schwarz, with NRBQ thrown in for good American measure) thinking, "Y'know... I'd create a Blues-based station, but then I would probably be forced to listen to a few bars of Blues Traveller once in a while, making it not worth the effort."

2 songs later, Blues Traveller shows up on my Pub Rock station. Inevitable, I suppose, given the Million Monkeys theory. But scary.

Friday, February 10, 2006

But soft, is that the Pound SF?

Cip-(the heavy-metal-rockstar-turned heavymetal-rockstar-promoter) loves True Margrit. Ain't that nice? He runs POUND SF, so that's why we --as guinea pigs-- play on a wildly (non-metal) diverse bill with Kat Downs Conspiracy, Michael Williams PRoject and Meriwether try to lure fans of music (other than grindcore, thrash, blackmetal, nu metal, punkrock, ska) to these hallowed halls of so-much-more-than-metal.


Michael Williams Project
Meriwether from Louisiana

Kat's band sounds great, Michael Williams and band are SMOKING, and Meriwether lather themselves into a joyous rockfrenzy with the sweet sweat-of-rock. We too have our 35 minutes of proper fame and Kat joins us on afew songs as well as Amy Meyers who is in the house. Amy Meyers

But soft --what mellifluous tone
in yonder nightclub breaks?
It is the east and Pound Sf is the sun

Wednesday, February 08, 2006

Mares Eat Oats and Lambs Eat Oats and Margrit likes Prawns

We have many prawns and garlic noodles and come home & discover:

I missed this one-- "TRUE" got played on the Guitar Chasers Podcast on Jan 21st (YAY!)Guitar Chasers podcast

I am getting revved up for THE POUND SF & the BIG PIANO-POP-PROG-POP-SOUL-POP-INDIE-POP night of Rock & LOVE!

FRIDAY NIGHT is soon... ready the prawns...

Sunday, February 05, 2006

Now this was a life!

A big, hearty R.I.P. to "Grampa" Al Lewis, who died yesterday at a cantankerous 95. Although you all remember him from The Munsters and some of you even remember that he co-starred (also with Fred Gwynne) in Car 54, Where Are You? (the TV show, not the horrible movie).

But here are a few things you probably didn't know about Al Lewis.

He was an activist who put his money and his fame where his fake fangs were. At the age of 88, he ran for Governor of New York as the Green Party candidate against incumbent Pataki, campaigning against the steep NY drug laws and capitol punishment. Despite losing a lawsuit that would have allowed him to appear on the ballot as "Grampa Al Lewis," he got over 50,000 votes. He also ran for Mayor of New York City 5 times.

When he started getting some success in theater in the '50s, he bought a building on the upper West Side that is still used to this day as a home for people who can't afford to pay rent in NYC.

He held a Ph.D. in psychology from Columbia University.

He had a restaurant in NY called "Grampa's."

He was a devout fan of the blues, and every time he visited the Bay Area he would drop a big load of change at Down Home Music in El Cerrito.

Until his death, he hosted a weekly radio show on Pacifica's NY station, WBAI.

Of course, in the best sense, the man is immortal. Or at least, undead.

Thursday, February 02, 2006

We done gone international!

Thanks to Josh Pape and his Base20 podcast out of England! On his show #8, he played Another Zone from Seaworthy. The track appears at 18:28 into the show.

Josh plays some other very cool music- go to his page and leave some feedback for him- he's new at this and I'm sure he'd like to know that he's got the ear of Stateside Gritheads!

(This play will be added to our Recent Podcasts list.)