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Saturday, February 18, 2006

Is Pandora reading my mind?

Realizing that many of the members and associates of True Margrit have or are still working for Pandora (formerly Savage Beast), and being a mildly paranoid type, I have to ask a question regarding how the damn thing works. Thus:

Does Pandora read your mind?

Here's the reason I ask... I'm sittin' around (doing my taxes, if you must know) listening to my Pub Rock Radio station (built upon the joyful noises of Nick Lowe, Dave Edmunds/ Rockpile, Brinsley Schwarz, with NRBQ thrown in for good American measure) thinking, "Y'know... I'd create a Blues-based station, but then I would probably be forced to listen to a few bars of Blues Traveller once in a while, making it not worth the effort."

2 songs later, Blues Traveller shows up on my Pub Rock station. Inevitable, I suppose, given the Million Monkeys theory. But scary.


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