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from the ongoing expeditions of San Francisco Piano Pop trio
True Margrit

Wednesday, December 14, 2005

Return to Brokeback Mountain: The Lion, the Witch, the Ape, and the Closet

Dr Kinsey: Tell me Mr Kong, when did you realize Anne Darrow was in love with you?

Kong: Well, after things went so poorly in theatre, we went underground & she did some reading on Koko the Ape. Subsequently, she taught me the very same sign language we are employing for this interview. She went through all that trouble to communicate with me, and then I knew that our affection was mutual. We racked our brains for a place where our love would be socially acceptable. We've been here on Brokeback Mountain in Southwestern Narnia since our honeymoon. You know, after coming out of the wardrobe, this is the last untamed place on earth.

Dr Kinsey: Would you care to elaborate?

Kong: No, not really. But maybe you can answer a question for me: why are you wearing that lion suit?

Dr. Kinsey: It really turns on the White Witch.

Wednesday, December 07, 2005

On the other hand

Well, on one hand it was a lovely week for True Margrit: another nice review--this time in the San Francisco Bay Guardian! Our thanks go out to Laurie Koh for writing up a piece on SEAWORTHY!!

click here and you'll see the Guardian review

On the other hand, our December show at the Pound got postponed which is too bad (more on the final date when it is... you know, final).

But on the other hand, I am psyched! I get to be one of the special guests at The Blame Sally show on Sunday the 11th at Bazaar Cafe--I am to serenade Monica for her birthday. She says it will be a song of her choice--but it will be something from SEAWORTHY......ooh the suspense is killing me!

On the other hand--wait a minute how many hands is that? Well, as the stream of the year slows to a trickle, it's a moment to give and take with as many hands as inner & outer resources allow--or on the other hand keep your hand close to your vest, or lift up your hand and toast those near and dear AND those faraway and/ or just plain gone.

Here's to all your hands. Don't you wish you had more?

Friday, December 02, 2005

My world in crisis

Somehow this harrowing story is being completely ignored by the mainstream media.

Leave it to America's Finest News Source to bring you the TRUTH!