...being the observations and navigational extracts
from the ongoing expeditions of San Francisco Piano Pop trio
True Margrit

Friday, March 19, 2010

2010 SxSW March into Spring Haiku BBQ Tour--DAY FIVE

"Not just fuel & food"
At the next exit
Maracas and whips in case
We lose the drumkit

"Texas is Big"
When I shut my eyes
Still see the landscape moving
Where is Motel 6?

"Gary & Andrew drinking ROCKSTARs"
Some beverages
Can level the peeing field
Next exit--please stop

"Insomnia #6"
I wake myself up
It turns out that I snore too
Throw pillows at me

2010 SxSW March into Spring Haiku BBQ Tour--DAY FOUR

"Primitive" by Andrew
Me Tarzan you Jane
Me write good haiku, yes? No.
Thank you Jane. Thank you.

"Prime Rib 7.99" by Gary
Let's lunch in Laughlin
All you can eat buffet beef
Just like in our song

"After Eating All You Can Eat"
Generating fumes
Delay climbing in the truck
It's still in my pants

"Arizona Hosts"
Tucson is farther
Than anybody expects
Claire is so patient

2010 SxSW March into Spring Haiku BBQ Tour--DAY THREE

"Grizzly Rock Cafe Breakfast"
Waitress indignant
That's no Mickey Mouse pancake
Recall where you are

"Las Vegas at Dusk"
Vast expanse of sand
The light beam from the Luxor
Can be seen from space

"Boomers Bar #1"
Play in the back room
Music makes strangers and friends
Listen together

"Boomers Bar #2"
They seem to like it
Our song about Las Vegas
Called 500 Years

"Boomers Bar #3"
Sign up on our list
I will gladly hold your beer
Sorry I drank some

"The Strip"
Shiny yet sleazy
Canyons of neon and chrome
So vertiginous

Guests #2
Brendan makes three beds
In separate rooms no less
Snore on! Who will hear?

Sunday, March 14, 2010

SxSW March into Spring 2010 Tour--Day Two in Haiku

Breakfast #1
Bacon eggs muffins
Kevin cooks a masterpiece
We are fortified

Departure #2
Nevada City
Is just father than we thought
Unloading real fast

Cameras are on
The first two verses go great
Eek I flub the bridge

Television #2
The song is over
I try to knock Andrew down
He's bigger than me

We're getting hungry
Let's hit Grizzly Rock Cafe
Frank serves great grub

Turlock #2
We all eat some beef
Getting ready for Texas
Where the cows are big

Insomnia #5
Gary how you snore
It's louder than the freeway
I throw some pillows

Saturday, March 13, 2010


Friday, March 12, 2010

2010 SxSW Tour-in Haiku (Day One)

San Francisco
We can't leave town yet
Haircut stress broken drumhead
Perhaps we're not sane

Still not ready
Margrit forgets her keyboard
Pack the truck let's go

TMMCTCC (True Margrit Mobile Communications and Technology Command Center
I blog in the truck
World wide web on the dongle
That is what she said

Though we depart late
OLD IRONSIDES right on time
We have a great gig

After rocking out
We go out for Chinese food
Our waitress is hot

Kevin and Danielle
Graciously host in Elk Grove
Their pets are so cute

Insomnia #1
Suburbs are quiet
I hear all the clocks ticking
Faint distant traffic

Insomnia #2
Awake three am
I really have to sleep now
Music in my head

Insomnia #3
Andrew is snoring
Gary is mad and tired
Sleep is important

Insomnia #4
Gary wakes Andrew
With curses and imploring
Please get your own room