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True Margrit

Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Elves Don't Cry

Tuesdays in June were noteworthy (in addition to the fun gig described in the previous post) for a limited theatrical engagement of The Lord of the Rings Extended Edition! YES! LOTR on a big screen. On Tuesdays! Why? Well the Blu-Ray of the extended version just came out, so what better way to pimp it than to show if off on the big screen--Peter Jackson: he's clever that way. Some of you may not, could not, did not care. But I do, fervently care about Frodo & Co. Oh Sam. I am glad you are with me.

I admit it--it still makes me cry, even though I know how it all ends. And have known for years due to myriad multiple re-readings of the books.

And then Harry Potter's final chapter came out mid-July --and this culmination generated further fantasy fan tears (ok, ok, including mine). Obviously, it pushes some buttons for some of us--one either has the sci-fi/ fantasy gene or one doesn't. There's nothing for it--that's just the way it is.

And the High Elves sail west with Dumbledore, Gandalf, Frodo and Harry . Merry & Pippin practice polyfidelity with Hermione. Ron Weasley and Sam start an organic farm in Yorkshire where True Margrit will play gigs once a year.

So. Don't cry! The Hobbit movie ( part one) comes out in 2012...and meanwhile we start off on a new True Margrit recording quest this very summer, with reluctant heroes, narrow escapes, bravery and fellowship--right after our gig at

ps it's my birthday show!