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Thursday, May 31, 2007

Progress on Progress

Right now, the working title on our new CD is "Juggler's Progress". This title is in the "title track" genre of titles (i.e. there is a tune called "Juggler's Progress"). The other title I kinda like is, "Too True to be Ridiculous". But TTTBR will probably go the way of "What if We Were From France"--a discarded but frontrunning title whilst working on our last CD, "SEAWORTHY".

Yes, "Juggler's Progress" will likely win out....And, you know, progress is what we have made, my sweet readers!

Last week the keyboard deities smiled benevolently upon our search for THE PERFECT PIANO for Gary & me to record with our spiffy remote setup. The dictates of privacy demand that we dare not reveal the exact location, but we found a VERY NICE PIANO--perhaps, indeed PERFECT--and we got two days with it. We had some insane technical hurdles to overcome--frying gear and other tribulations--but when a piano like this calls, you answer, you don't let it go to voicemail! I will disclose that it is a 9-foot STEINWAY Homberg D. OH how I sweated and strove over its 9-foot burly-yet-sleek body. In some songs I was forced to stand to make those bass strings really sing out as I struck them with all the might and main of my 5-foot frame. Oh how I played take after take unto the night time. And it was good. We got piano tracks for 11 tunes!!!!! A big leap in our timetable, fo sho.

Now, that's what I call progress.

Friday, May 18, 2007

It's a Jennifer Beals' World + I'M PUBLISHED!!!

Howdy Y'all. Didja miss me? I v'e been busy recording / concocting tracks for our new CD, and working on film scores, swimming(!), and much much more, too.


Sarah & I have been re-watching the 1st season of the L Word--much better (hotter, funnier) than the 4th season, I thinketh. And they didn't yet have that heinous theme song, just the flaccid electronica intro. Then we branched out & rented "Flashdance". JB in 1983 was of course as cute as a veritable button, but---hmmmmmmmm--it sure is the film that feminism forgot, sheeesh (you can watch it if you want to be queasy, girls, but it won't hold up to much scrutiny). It almost makes me imagine that portraying the compulsive super-achiever Bette Porter in the L-Word is Jennifer Beals' revenge on an industry that could produce a film like "Flashdance" that manages to hit so many wildly wrong notes about strong women. HA HA Adrian Lyne! Who's the maniac now?

Then we watched "The Devil in the Blue Dress" which is an excellent mystery with twists that I rather liked.

And then, the final film in our Jennifer Beals Film Festival: "The Anniversary Party". It has its moments in a "Who's-Afraid-of-Virginia-Woolf"-for-Gen X-ers/ its-my-rave-I'll-cry-if-I-want-to/ actors-chewing-scenery kind of way. Sadly, Jennifer Beals is in it way too little, and I always squirm watching Jennifer Jason Leigh, although it is one of her better roles. But she still strikes me as the Peter Lorre of femme fatales. Inexplicably creepy. Eeeeek, I'm scared.

On a completely different note: I'm now a published writer! A short story I wrote, called "Freak" is in the premiere issue of a new zine. It's called *** TOIL !!!***

Curious? You can order TOIL by sending two bucks to--
Power of Paper Productions
c/o Kimberlee
P.O. Box 660664
Sacramento, CA 95866

Ok, Bye for now.