...being the observations and navigational extracts
from the ongoing expeditions of San Francisco Piano Pop trio
True Margrit

Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Montage du jour

Howdy friends, Romans, countrypeople, Grit-heads, passers-by. Greetings to the innocent, to the hotties, to the coldies, the calculating, the razor-sharp, the sleepy, to the sorrowful, the gleeful, to the mighty, and to the wee. Handshakes, hugs, salutes, toasts, and high-fives to all y'all. I never meant to be neglectful, to leave you hanging. To atone for my sins, I offer a synopsis of sorts--a montage of the past 6 months.

 Satellite view of San Francisco Bay. Zoom toward the ground with increasingly recognizable details of landmarks and streets (think: The Conservatory Of Flowers, Bi-Rite Creamery, the cranes of West Oakland) and finally focus on a garage with a tiled roof. Cut to interior of a project recording studio. Margrit sits at a sticker-covered keyboard, writing in a spiral notebook, stopping occasionally to play a few notes. She hums bits of the song, "Symphony of Trivia". Then she changes the lyrics and leans to grab a different notebook from a pile on the floor stacked in teetering towers.

Cut to aerial view of Highways 5. Morning. A Subaru zooms north. Interior of car. Gary & Margrit listen intently to the same song, but it's now a piano/ voice demo. Cut to map of California/ Oregon/ Washington with an arrow heading to Tacoma. Exterior brick house. Interior of living room. Andrew site at drumkit. Gary & Margrit are playing the same song now with bassline kicking it up several notches. Andrew joins in presently and now it begins to rock. Cut to the band eating a huge Thanksgiving feast, a roomful of guests, time-lapse of full plates quickly diminishing.

Interior of nightclub. The band is playing the song onstage.Cut to map of California/ Oregon with an arrow heading from Portland to San Francisco. Interior of a big fancy recording studio. Andrew has 20 mics in a forest around his kit. Gary is nearby with his Rickenbacker. Margrit is in the isolation booth sitting at a 7-foot grand. They play "Symphony of Trivia". Graphic/ animation. Pages of a calendar curl up and fly away. It stops. May 2013.....

And now you're caught up. Currently we are overdubbing textures-- percussion, Hammond B3, Wurlitzer electric piano, synthesizer--and more. And colors--strings, horns. And of course, lotsa vocals. Then we will mix it and then y'all can check it out! Credits roll.