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True Margrit

Friday, March 31, 2006

Early Evening Watch

Well, it's not really music related, but Sarah D & I went to a reading/ book signing by Sarah Waters (bad-ass Welsh/British author of "Tipping the Velvet", "Affinity", "Fingersmith" and "Nightwatch".

I flat-out loved "Tipping the Velvet" and "Fingersmith". "Night Watch is an impressive novel with its backward-through-time anti-chronological structure (not unlike the True Margrit song "Hours in Reverse"). It was even betterer hearing the author read her own words! How cool is that? I got a wee bit choked up--I LOVE to read this author and here's the very person whose books have given me so much joy. Here in the flesh! WOW. That's as splendid as LIVE MUSIC! YEAH!

So, the moral of the story--keep a watch for your favorite writers and go support them when they come into town.

For example: Mim Eichler Rivas is going on a tour for the paperback release of her excellent book "Beautiful Jim Key".

click here for Jim Key

GO see her (she's my sister!)

Shaping Up

The Northwest tour is booked! Once we are up in the great state of Washington we start in Vashon Island at the Cafe Luna and end up in Portland, OR at Mississippi Studios! (plus shows, radio gigs, and in-stores in Olympia, Seattle, Eugene, Redmond, Lynnwood, etc etc)

woo woo

I went to the gym today and swam--oooh how I love that! I must be part sea mammal...which reminds me, I have been meaning to ask:

Have y'all seen the "70's film, Day of the Dolphin...? Written by Buck Henry and directed by Mike Nichols (just like the Graduate...but with talking dolphins and the worst laid plans of dolphins or man...)

Some o' my fave quotes of the dolphins: "Pha loves Pa!" "Man good: SMOOOTH!"


Yesterday we played at Sonoma State University in the Student Union Pub--my friends, they make a scrumptious grilled sandwich there. Yum. It's a real pretty drive up yonder in the rain notwithstanding. I saw mist amd grean green hills from all that rain and deer eating some green green grass.


Sunday, March 26, 2006

Lapses of Taste, Time, Smell, Touch, and Hearing

Oh my fair readers:

So very sorry to abandon thee and thine, and blog not for such a long while. I have great excuses--I am booking two tours! We are heading to the lovely and fine states of Washington and Oregon once again and then to the EAST COAST (!!) for a mini-hemi-demi duo (bass& piano/voice) tour.


You can indulge yourself & view the itinerary on our gig page

If it's simply too exhausting to click on that link, know this: we have some cool shows from SEATTLE to OLYMPIA to EUGENE to NEW YORK CITY to CAMBRIDGE....

& Last night we had a fun gig at EPIC ARTS STUDIOS (with Judea Eden,Amy Meyers and Christina Kowalchuk in ever-so-groovy Berkeley (but not overly groovy-- it's a dry groovy) There were smiling faces and tears and laughter and tapping toes...but no bloody noses: we are lovers not fighters. There were candles burning (a pleasant waxy smell was the result), folding chairs, hardwood floors, and tea--not your average club date. No.

I will come to my senses (I don't mean "come to my census") & return to blogging on a more robust and regular schedule soon soon oh soon. Y'all can drop me a line too...

Saturday, March 18, 2006

uhh... your guess is as good as mine...