...being the observations and navigational extracts
from the ongoing expeditions of San Francisco Piano Pop trio
True Margrit

Wednesday, July 03, 2013

Solo So Low

After a longish break from playing live tunes in front of live humans, I eased back into that joy by playing at Bazaar cafe on June 22nd. I hunkered down on the piano bench & plinked out mostly new tunes on the cafe's old upright.  I had endeavored to get another songwriter to join me, but to no avail.  Undaunted, I bravely purveyed two sets all by my lonesome--well not precisely alone, a select and adorable group was there listening (thanks y'all).

Gary was one of the peeps there and he commented on how hearing the new tunes all grouped together incited a hankering in him to finish our new album & get on the road with the band. Amen, brother.  Meanwhile, Alex and Sarah's favorite tune was  "Solo So Low". Hmmmm, well then, it's gonna be on the album!

Out in the avenues
halfway to the beach
there's a wee cafe on California street
It's unpretentious, cosy in vibe
you can caffienate you can imbibe
you can have a hotdog, curry, or quiche
chill with your tablet drinking meads

It's run by Les, he books the shows
Come do your thing! Anything goes!
Except don't bug his neighbors with a mic or an amp
or play any covers of Supertramp

This is the perfect place to try out new tunes
I did just that--botched "Love of the Moon"
But the beauty is the liveness every time you play
thank you for being, Bazaar Cafe