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Sunday, February 19, 2006

What a Week it has Been Will Be and Was

We are pleased to discover that our song, "MEMBERS ONLY", is referred to in an interview with Leo Kottke in Olymypia, Washington's paper, THE OLYMPIAN: Members Only is a household..uh, word...

(Leo Kottke!!)

The Pound, Blakes, Stork Club, Bazaar Cafe, BORDERS BOOKS....wooooo woooo....SOMEHOW we are finding time amongst all these gigs to cook the odd delicious meal--AND!!! we are on a health kick (scary, does this mean no more bacon soliloquies?). Andrew made some scrumptious roasted chickens, greens & beans, and taters (what's taters, preciousss?), I made some baked catfish--no, not fried not this time my dears, no-- and Sarah made the deliciousest fruit salad ever with cilantro. Cilantro--yes! Try it--though some folk find cilantro to taste rather like dish soap. I know I do --and that's why I love it.

With a week like this who needs months.

(cheers dears)


Blogger Gary said...

I like Kottke's quote, wherein he's recounting the attitude of a woman at a truckstop from whom he orders a cheese sandwich, describing the woamn as being "one tumbleweed away from Kafka."

His reply to the True Margrit question, "Sometimes a guitar is just a guitar," is simple and brilliant. Incredible that the writer saw fit to quote Members Only in his interview, though a link would have been great.

Sun Feb 19, 10:54:00 AM PST  

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