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from the ongoing expeditions of San Francisco Piano Pop trio
True Margrit

Wednesday, February 10, 2016

Bloody keys and Bumblebees

you can't see the blood on the black keys, but it's there too

I tend to instinctively shy away from combining the sublimity of music with the spiritual conundrums of contests. I believe competitiveness tends to clamp down some of the healthy elements of being an artist and promote the creepy. I just can't bear to watch American Idol, or The Voice, or other suchlike bilious fare. So. I'm not sure why I found myself  uncharacteristically intrigued with the NPR Tiny Desk Concert competition.  I noticed several friends had posted videos. Then suddenly, due to (imagined) peer pressure I found myself videoing a potential submission, a solo version of our tune, "Comforting the Castaways" (soon to be the title track of our upcoming album). Well, friends, I knocked out a few takes. Then I had an unpleasant but not entirely unfamiliar sensation--the keyboard had become sticky. Glancing down at the keys I saw, ah yes, they had become literally finger-painted with my blood.  I interpreted my piano-inflicted wounding as a negative portent and reverted to my customary impulse regarding contests. I really don't want to be rivals with those of you who are my brothers and sisters in rock. Plus (and probably most importantly) the full band version rocks so hard, I wanna put my best foot forward with Andrew and Gary's feet included!!

Meanwhile.  I must put this bee in your bonnets (I love that expression, but I'm glad it's only a figurative bee, and who wears bonnets?) We have an awesome show coming upon Saturday, April 16th at Hotel Utah In SF, with Sit Kitty Sit, Luminous Newts, and Citizen Five! Oooooh. And it's a benefit for Project Night Night! AND it's Gary AND Kevin's birthday! 

I mentioned above that True Margrit has an upcoming album! I say it again: YES, "Comforting the Castaways" is on the way!!! But it's not done yet. We'll release it in the fall. Since y'all have been waiting so patiently for "Castaways". I can in the meantime offer up a preview track from my soon to be complete first solo album,  "Satellites and Saints" by Goggy. Please check it out! I'll have (at least) downloads avail for y'all by the time of the Hotel Utah show if not chocolate-covered gold-plated vinyl, if that were only invented yet.

You may ask:  Why Goggy? All is explained here (well, sort of).

Nice to see y'all again.

Rock on.


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