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True Margrit

Monday, October 26, 2015

Phoenixesque birdies can rise from ashes, y'all!

Hey there fans, skeptics, random passers-by, lurkers, headbangers, folkies, mods, rockers, the Professor and MaryAnn!

How? What? When?

And why why why so very long long long since the previous post? There are so many answers I could give (and they may or may not be true,  just because the band is called True Margrit, I'm not always perfectly 100% honest, c'mon, don't put those expectations on me, man--that's your trip not mine). So. Here are a few potentially explanatory scenarios:

1) I was abducted by aliens. And the robots who love them.

2) Andrew and Gary were abducted by aliens

3) The cat ate our new album

4) The cat peed on our new album.

5) I'm training for my Everest bid.

Anyway. When I logged into blogger I found this incomplete draft I started last winter:

It's Flu Season. Flu Season. Makes me think of  something nice and tasty ripening on the vine and now its time to harvest it. Mmmmmmm. Yummy. Ick not really.

Yes, it's clear the above artifact was written whilst I had a fever. Friends, I had an EPIC flu. By epic I mean pretty dang epic as if all the heroes from Homer's Odyssey AND the Iliad were jamming with the entire cast of the ABC show, Nashville trading Cannibal Corpse licks played on kalimbas and mandolins whilst Ulysses' irksome sirens sang off-key jingles about deodorant and Achilles conducted a low brass section playing dire and ominous swells straight into my beleaguered ears...and, scene. There are far far bigger longer worser epics (say,  diptheria or The Source by Michener) so, I count myself lucky. I don't wanna wade deeply into actual specifics cuz many of y'all have been there and who wants to go back? And by back I mean either, a) generally back to any swamp of any details on any old general topic or b) back to minutiae of influenza, specifically.  Back??! Who has time? Not me! I conquered and I am the champion, my friends.

Flu: zero.
Margrit: one.

Anywhey. (Hmmm, "anywhey"- that's a kinda good name for a delicious new protein shake)

It's now October and in less than a week we have our first band gig in goodness knows how dang--friggin-damn long. I did a few interim appearances as ("true") Margrit or *Goggy or both. The trio will be appearing at The Starry Plough in an action-packed benefit for Save the Frogs which includes but is not limited to us, Luminous Newts, Basic Beat  and more. Meanwhile. The Starry Plough has the not-at-all dubious honor of being the first venue wherein I played a gig with Gary!! Sir GARY HOBISH to you, pal. Our fab bassist. Hmmm, it may well be 23 years ago. WHAAAAAAAT?? And oh my, how we are going to miss Andrew's drumming something fierce --HOWEVER, since he can't make it, we have  a very special guest: Robert John Tucker!!! WOW! Hope to see y'all there!

*OK. Some folks have asked about Goggy. It's an interstellar music recording project I've been involved with this year and it's best explored on a new soon-to-be-created blog. But  there will be  an album. You said: An album? Why, yes!  Watch the Goggy link for songs (and the upcoming blog) as they get mixed--soon...standby.