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Sunday, March 26, 2006

Lapses of Taste, Time, Smell, Touch, and Hearing

Oh my fair readers:

So very sorry to abandon thee and thine, and blog not for such a long while. I have great excuses--I am booking two tours! We are heading to the lovely and fine states of Washington and Oregon once again and then to the EAST COAST (!!) for a mini-hemi-demi duo (bass& piano/voice) tour.


You can indulge yourself & view the itinerary on our gig page

If it's simply too exhausting to click on that link, know this: we have some cool shows from SEATTLE to OLYMPIA to EUGENE to NEW YORK CITY to CAMBRIDGE....

& Last night we had a fun gig at EPIC ARTS STUDIOS (with Judea Eden,Amy Meyers and Christina Kowalchuk in ever-so-groovy Berkeley (but not overly groovy-- it's a dry groovy) There were smiling faces and tears and laughter and tapping toes...but no bloody noses: we are lovers not fighters. There were candles burning (a pleasant waxy smell was the result), folding chairs, hardwood floors, and tea--not your average club date. No.

I will come to my senses (I don't mean "come to my census") & return to blogging on a more robust and regular schedule soon soon oh soon. Y'all can drop me a line too...


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