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Friday, November 03, 2006

The Voice of Reason

Well well well.

TV ain't what it used to be--it's so much much more. Take Sci Fi Channel's Battlestar Galactica for example. The most recent episode, "Collaborators", pretty much blew my mind. If you saw it fair reader, you know what I mean. A lot of it was so very grim, but the ending was so uplifting, well, I for one got choked up, I admit. After darkness, some light. After lunacy, reason. Among other details, the plot involves prisoners being accused of collaborating with the enemy and then being denied fair trial and humane treatment. Before a cycle of misguded vigilante reprisal spirals out of control, President Laura Roslyn speaks reason, sweet reason to the Fleet....but I won't try to recreate it: just watch the show.

Oh why oh why can't she REALLY be our Prez? & OH! How often this show is applicable and /or descriptive of the scary weather in our current political climate...

Another show that is deliciously and more and more pointedly critical of the Bush administration is the L Word Season 3 (the season Sarah & I just watched from beginning to end in four nights. Heh heh). They didn't allude to abuses of the Geneva Convention, no. In this case, the L- writers take a stab at pointing out some disturbingly regressive trends threatening freedom of speech. There's a spectacular scene where Bette berates a ridiculous grandstanding senator who burns some "obscene" art. She speaks reason--but not so sweet, in this instance. But still good to hear.

It's worth seeing and hearing--reason.


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