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Friday, September 08, 2006

Wake up with a Hangover!

Starting next Sunday, our old pal (and ex-Jars drummer) Marc Time's radio show- "The Sunday Morning Hangover"- moves from it's difficult 8AM slot to the 10AM-Noon slot (Pacific time) on KWVA , from the University Oregon in Eugene. There are links to RealPlayer and MP3 versions of the netcasts at their site (you'll have to scroll down about 1/4 way down the page to the article, KWVA Now has 3 Streams!! to get the proper links).

This is an exceedingly hip show- Marc doesn't just play rock. In fact, rock is outweighed regularly by the rare, the outside, the unexpected, the hilarious. He's a noted musical historian. He's been known to do 2 hours of whistling records, 78s, industrial & instructional records, tributes to people and styles that others fear to tread upon. Many regular listeners prefer his regular ol' potpurri style shows, with a little bit of everything. Oh, and he's not exactly shy about his politics, either.

Marc was a great help in getting True Margrit a toehold in Eugene, introducing us to KWVA's Mr. Random, who's had us playing live in the studio on his radio show both times we've played Eugene. He's also about the funniest guy I know, and a genuine embarrassment to be caught in a fine restaurant with. (But he'll leave a good tip.)

I archive Marc's recent shows- about the last three months worth- here. They can also be subscribed to as a podcast.

He's kicking off his new timeslot with a 4-hour marathon this Sunday at 8AM- he'll start off the manic Holiday Shopping Season with Wacky Xmas songs 8-9AM (with very few breaks in case you want to download and play them on Xmas eve), the usual potpourri 9-11 AM and a special 9/11 memorial rant at 11 AM.

Join me in a Hangover! (If you have long distance covered, call Marc on the air at the KWVA Request Line- (541)-346-0645- and tell him Armin Hammer sent 'cha!)


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