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from the ongoing expeditions of San Francisco Piano Pop trio
True Margrit

Monday, October 23, 2006

The T Word (and L, M, N, O, P Words too)

Here's a little known fact: we, True Margrit, got to play an L Word "gig". I had serious laryngitis, but we nonetheless performed live at their Season 2 DVD Release promo event at Borders Books in San Francisco-- we played for about an hour while L-fans gathered, the stars signed autographs, posed for photos, etc. Later on, Leisha Hailey ("Alice") and Sarah Shahi ("Carmen") stood by my keyboard and sang along to "Members Only" --really, for real!
& Hey! You know what else? Tomorrow the 3rd season of L Word comes out on DVD. I confess to you my dear readers: I will be at my local vid store at the crack of ten, since I have not seen season 3 at all yet--and yes, I have been sucked in (ouch).And so why the T?


I had a bunch of tea with Dianne Nola today at Samovar Tea Room today.We hadn't hung out in awhile, so we got really hopped up on goofballs (well, teas with lotsa sugar & milk) and caught up a bit. I had Lapsang Souchong which is smoky, strong and fab, and Dianne had Dong Ding, which--we were informed by our spiffy server--is very popular. They have delicious food too, which is intended to harmoniously accentuate the tea experience. And they do accentuate each other most perfectly & cleverly, in fact---from the obligatory scones w/ clotted cream, to the wild-bee-honeycomb with cambozola & fruit platter, to dolmas or miso soup, to the smoked duck sandwich with gouda cheese & chutney . Now, we didn't sample all those items today--just some of 'em. And to that I say the y word: YUM.

...and I must needs bid thee-all adieu, with one more memento (below) of our fleeting shining glory with L Word cast members:

It's a little out of focus--but thrilling nonetheless.