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Monday, October 23, 2006

The T Word (and L, M, N, O, P Words too)

Here's a little known fact: we, True Margrit, got to play an L Word "gig". I had serious laryngitis, but we nonetheless performed live at their Season 2 DVD Release promo event at Borders Books in San Francisco-- we played for about an hour while L-fans gathered, the stars signed autographs, posed for photos, etc. Later on, Leisha Hailey ("Alice") and Sarah Shahi ("Carmen") stood by my keyboard and sang along to "Members Only" --really, for real!
& Hey! You know what else? Tomorrow the 3rd season of L Word comes out on DVD. I confess to you my dear readers: I will be at my local vid store at the crack of ten, since I have not seen season 3 at all yet--and yes, I have been sucked in (ouch).And so why the T?


I had a bunch of tea with Dianne Nola today at Samovar Tea Room today.We hadn't hung out in awhile, so we got really hopped up on goofballs (well, teas with lotsa sugar & milk) and caught up a bit. I had Lapsang Souchong which is smoky, strong and fab, and Dianne had Dong Ding, which--we were informed by our spiffy server--is very popular. They have delicious food too, which is intended to harmoniously accentuate the tea experience. And they do accentuate each other most perfectly & cleverly, in fact---from the obligatory scones w/ clotted cream, to the wild-bee-honeycomb with cambozola & fruit platter, to dolmas or miso soup, to the smoked duck sandwich with gouda cheese & chutney . Now, we didn't sample all those items today--just some of 'em. And to that I say the y word: YUM.

...and I must needs bid thee-all adieu, with one more memento (below) of our fleeting shining glory with L Word cast members:

It's a little out of focus--but thrilling nonetheless.


Blogger Laura said...

Hey Margrit! Sorry I haven't stopped by here in a spell. Been catching up on all your doings.

Tea with you and Dianne would be heavenly! Hey, I'm going to be in the SF Bay Area (actually, mostly in Sonoma County) from December 19 - 28th. We must hang out!


Thu Nov 02, 08:56:00 AM PST  
Blogger Margrit said...

We shall have tea by god!

Fri Nov 03, 02:12:00 PM PST  
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