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Thursday, October 05, 2006

Where've you been? I am right here.

Perhaps, dear readers, you have wondered...where the hell is she? The answers are all here.

Mostly, I have been busy composing myself--and a score for TITUS ANDRONICUS by William Shakespeare!! Its being presented by the Spear Ensemble Theatre Company at the Young Performers Theatre Fort Mason, Building C, Suite 200.

If you wanna go Get Tickets here.

What else?

Well, we have embarked on a thrilling new adventure-- we have dipped our collective toe into the waters that will wash up on the shores of our new CD, tentatively titled, "The Juggler's Progress". Maybe that's the title, maybe not--we'll see, oh yes we will, precious. Last time, we had three or four titles before we hit on SEAWORTHY. But at any rate, it's gonna be a long, long journey. Sit back, get a sandwich. Order some drinks. We recorded some sizzling basic tracks (as they are called in the biz, that is: "basics" --not sizzling) in August, but we had some technical Gordian knots that took until quite recently to unwind. Without going into too many tedious details, let's just say: a sampling rate by any other name smells as sweet (to glorify it in Shakespearean terms). Ahh digital recording...hey, remember TAPE!?? And way back in the day in Lithuania, our foremothers recorded their music onto corduroy by scratching it with a hand sharpened piece of flint. It sounded amazing--that's analog, man. CDs pale in comparison, I am afraid. But we cannot stop so-called progress.

At least we still have Shakespeare.


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