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True Margrit

Sunday, July 30, 2006

not quite depleted--not quite...

Hail to y'all, my fair readers! I write to you, for some reason at 4:30 am, when I am ill-equipped to articulate as expansively as I should. SO! I will express more again soon after a teeny bit of sleep. Oh.... so much to say and so little steam left.

But suffice it to say--we played at the ever-rambunctious Dolores Park Cafe last night for my birthday gig--fun fun fun, oh so fun! And then we were up a bit late. Ahem... and then we flew mighty swiftly down the 5 to Los Angeles and played at The Tomorrow Show (a happening comedy midnight show with Ron Lynch and many others--including special guest Dana Gould who was hilarious!

I just ate some sun chips and I feel mildly bilious...more tomorrow.


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