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Friday, October 13, 2006

What fool hath added water to the sea?

I am pretty thrilled, I gotta say. And why?

Why, tonight is opening night for Titus Andronicus (produced by the Spear Ensemble Theatre Company!!! (& see, I composed, performed, and recorded music that is part of the show!!)

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Appropriately enough, the show is opening on Friday the 13th! (if you know this particular play, things don't go so luckily for the protagonist--although he does get to bake his pie and see the Empress eat it...).

Anyhoo, the Spear Ensemble's version of Shakespeare's grim tale of ancient Roman revenge and how it goes cycling out of control, is quite arresting and fresh and strangely appropos in these warlike times we are enduring. It has a terrific cast of actors, some of whom play one character with a mask and another counterpart character maskless. In other words, Titus (the hero) and Aaron (one of the various villains) are played by the same actor who wears a mask when he's the loyal but dogmatic Titus, but then his handsome face is visible when he is playing the utterly evil Aaron. (& I say, whoa, that's a lotta lines, dude!) The masks (created by the show's director, Diane Jackson) are fairly disturbing-- malevolent yet slightly comical--which I think ended up influencing the vibe of the music that I generated for the production.

I keep doing little re-mixes, gain boosts, and cross-fades, but I am pretty dang happy with the music. Sarah designed a super cool cover for the Official Sountrack CD ( which is gonna be available at the show).

Tragedy was never this fun! Relax, you're soaking in it...


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