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Wednesday, July 12, 2006

Howle-ing New Tunes at the Blue Moon

It's a big 'ol blueish white moon out there in the night right now, and I gotta tell you my dear readers & eaters: I made some very chocolatey pudding. From scratch, mind you. The verdict: yum.

Well now! It's almost been a week since I got to open for the ever-so poignant, hilarious, and exceedingly fabulous, DANIELLE HOWLE. I am still so very psyched to have played on a bill with her. Y'all should get her new CD, "Thank you Mark".


You will not be disappointed--if you like great music . She has one hell of a gorgeous voice. And she is the real deal--an original, in fact. And being from South Carolina, she can really spin a yarn --like I lovingly remember from growing up in Tennessee.

And then! A mere few days after that delightfulness, I got to sit in on piano on about half of a set at Crooked Roads' CD release party. I co-produced & engineered their new CD, "Heartbreak Sampler". So, that was a big deal to see that blossoming and fruitioning all over the place at SF's cozy cool club, Hotel Utah. There was love and chocolate (really!).

In other True Margrit news:

I had a record week in songwriting & finished three brand-new songs! Yeah! One of this week's tunes was debuted at the Danielle Howle show. But the other two were merely twinkles in my eye last thursday. But now they are quite mature and are thus heading off to University. They are called:

"Casseroles & Thunderstorms", "Your Museum", and "Girls Just Break Your Heart". (Come hear them at a show.)

Ah yes. All that, AND pudding. Yow.


Blogger Gary said...

Apparently Benjamin Franklin was wrong; in addition to death & taxes, you can add to the list of things guaranteed in life that Margrit will have at least 2 new songs to learn every time Andrew comes down from Tacoma for a show!

Thu Jul 13, 12:39:00 AM PDT  
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