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Friday, June 30, 2006

Summer of Rock

Boy howdy, what a week!

Andrew was in town town for our gigs and we kicked off the fab weekend with a wee set at the Dolores Park Cafe gay pride celebration. What a party! The room was packed with writhing screaming happy partying San Franciscans (and guests from afar in town for the very special festivities) who were clearly pretty dang happy to see/hear us. I hasten to add that the feeling was mutual. There were sets from Dianne Nola, Judea Eden, Amy Meyers, and The Pam & Jeri Show... and many more, too numerous to enumerate. A pleasantly cozy & sweaty night of love, rock, and high spririts was had by all.

But there is more--even closer to home (cuz I live four blocks from this gig) on Tuesday we played at 12 Galaxies opening for The Bonedrivers CD Release Party (for their excellent new disc: Roadhouse Manifesto). We played a few songs that have been neglected as of late--"4 Encores" and "Desperate and Dumb" AND we played the spanking new tunes: "Juggler's Progress" and "500 Years". Cuz, you know, you gotta toss it out there & see what sticks...

On Wednesday we participated in yet another fabulous event: the ridiculously cool (and somewhat under-appreciated) Poser's Lounge at Red Devil Lounge. This month's artist was Elvis Costello, so we played (of course) "Deep Dark Truthful Mirror " (cuz we are true) and "Veronica". True Margrit, being one of the few "regular" bands, got to play one original as well (we chose to trot out our new hit, "The Opposite Man"). Members of many bands joined together in various Elvis-ified supergroups, notably the supergroup quartet, "MacManus" which featured our very own Gary Hobishishish, Joel Elrod, and Kevin Seal & Xifer Fortier of the perpetually superb GRIDDLE.

But the question of the evening was: what would Elvis do? We did our best to answer.


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