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True Margrit

Friday, September 16, 2005

Sunset on Vashon Island

Beautiful, no? Click on the picture for a high-res version and enjoy.

I do love living in San Francisco, but this place has something we often miss: Cumulo Nimbus. Those puffy white things in the sky. You know, clouds. I'm not talking about the high wisps of cirrus that we get in the Bay Area, but these enourmous cotton-looking things against a bluer than blue sky that are like constellations. You see amazing things in there. The other day Margrit saw a dromedary, I believe, being ridden by Jabba the Hut. (Me, I saw a ducky and a horsey, but heck, that's why Margrit does the writing.)

Props to the staff at Cafe' Luna, all of whom made us feel most welcome & appreciated & warm & cozy 'n' stuff.

Tomorrow night (the Matrix in Chehalis) is the last night of this leg of the tour. It's been a real cool ride, especially with Andrew & Heathers hospitality, which makes it a far cry from your standard R 'n' R tour. We are a pretty tight sounding little unit at this point, and I'm really looking forward to bringing the show to home base for Seaworthy's record release party!


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