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Friday, September 16, 2005

La Luna is Full

We rush to the ferry to Vashon Island--and miss the boat we expected (or attempted) to catch--but no matter! Another ferry chugs on up and we drive the truck with all our gear right upon it and disembark our wee vehicle to enjoy the breezy late aftenoon salt air of Puget Sound from the deck. We see a log float by. There are gulls. And abruptly--we are on Vashon Island--it's close.

We get to Cafe Luna--and it has changed since I was here with Stephanie in 2002. They have remodeled, tearing down the odd wall here or there, and erecting a fancy tea display! It's herbal heaven for you leafy connoiseurs of such.

We set up, but before we can play a note we are selling and siging CDs--WOW! We like that! And as for the show: it is a super fun rollicking good time with much love and rock thrown about with these Vashonites ( both young and not-as-young), who know how to enjoy a tune--or twenty.

I gobble a melty grilled mozzarella panini sandwich after the gig, and for dessert Gary & I share a buttery heavenly brownie made right here at Cafe Luna,

You know, True Margrit has played at THREE different Cafe Lunas: one in Sacramento, one in Sante Fe and this 'un. OOOOh.

The proprietress, the dandy Sandy Sheldon has the Cafe on the Market , but she will only sell to a buyer who will keep it a cafe with live musica. Good. Cuz this is a great place. Sandy reminds me that my show with Stephanie in 2002 was one of her first shows! Now, Cafe Luna is a Friday night destination for Vashonites (for the Vasoneze..?)

We miss our 10:45 ferry so we go to a local pub where Andrew annoys the patrons by taking photos. We leave. On the Ferry home the moon is quite bright, though it tries dodging unsuccessfully behind clouds--but we see you moon, we do.

Once again Heather & I are smashed in the rumble seat. Andrew is taking pix of the moon and we are making up a fairy tale about Gary and his Golden Dice to keep him awake. Soon we will be in warm beds and the moon can go about its business.

Good night moon.


Blogger Gary said...

Actually, if you count the performances of Radio Brain at Luna Sea a few years ago (6?) that's 4.

Lunas, anyway, if not Cafe's.

Fri Sep 23, 12:27:00 AM PDT  

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