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Sunday, September 11, 2005

sept 11, 2005

Yodelay hee hoo
doo bee doo

Today we pop down to Portland for an in-store thingie at Music Millennium. A pretty pretty drive down yonder yes indeedy.

We arrive...and lo and behold: we are on the marquee in big bold CAPS (and I like the font)!!!! (Gary longingly lamented the lack of marquees late last night...and then I wrote of it alliteritively).

Lovely it is to see my splendid family and their smiling faces in Portland! My brother Dan and his wife Karen and their son Elan are all there, and some friends, including members of Elan's hip hop band: the State of Mind Crew (you can check them out on myspace!)

Spookily, the sound man's name is Gary and the consignment guy is Andrew... so our other Music Millennium hostess, Amy, accommodatingly agreed to change her name to Margrit. Too kind, because I wouldn't wanna be wthout my very own personal doppelganger. All the other kids have doppelgangers..& It could be very useful...hmmmm. Maybe they could book the next tour.

They have a kick-ass setup with a nice new stage & PA and also they give us t-shirts and a discount on merch. Lovely & SWEEEEEEEEEEEEEEET. I get a new sticker for the keyboard and presents for a special someone. (shhhh)

We go and devour pickles and a variety of deli sandwiches and salmon hash at Kornblatts and then chill with the famille.

Altogether it's a day that's stunning and thrilling-- two words which mashed together make: "shrunning" -- a word that should really catch on (if we try).

oh let's try.


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