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Thursday, September 15, 2005

Night off at the Poodle Dog


Happy Birthday ROBERT GELLER!!!

Today was most the most restful of days with a minimum of emotionally taxing activities (except for watching Bush speak--ick which taxes everyone except the rich) and a maximum of eating.

Department of things we ate in the a.m.:

French toast (in France it's called PAIN PERDU--meaning, "lost bread"--which REALLY means you find it anew on yer plate all eggified and good for breakfast)

Sing along! The french toast song goes:

I haven't exaggerated
that bread was egg-saturated
I cooked it in butter
my heart was a-flutter
in more ways than one
fluffy golden-brown & it's done

Heather & I went in search of the SEAWORTHY review in the latest Tacoma Weekly, and instead inadvertently went on a nice little tour of downtown Tacoma. We saw the cool glass museum and the Tacoma Dome.

Diploid, haploid
diploma aroma
altoids, paranoid
Tacoma Dome--ah!

Department of things eaten at nightfall:

MORE FRIED CHICKEN--oh yes we did & still, it's not quite gone.

Then we head out to the Emerald Queen Casino (in Fife, WA)

This is a bit of a disappoinment for us, but for those who know such places, you will smile wryly at our ignorance--casinoes aren't really so very glamourous, are they my precious?

What then does one get, you ask, if not glamour?

Well, very utterly smoky chambers filled with bored, dogged, penny & nickel gamblers with the glazed eye sheen imbued to these patrons of such establishments by prolonged exposure to detached desperation and video-screens in lowlit drop-ceiling environments. Inexplicably, in a far corner of the casino there are two stunningly beautiful clylindrical aquariums with a panoply of tropical fish and plants swaying and swirling in mildly vertiginous grace. I gaze in wonder, in particular at a magnifique lionfish which, we are informed by a security guard, has doubled its size in three months. Some species thrive even here. Some fish are lucky. Winner take all. Furthermore, Kansas is soon to play at the Emerald Queen, so put that in your Fife and blow it.

(& carry on wayward son)

We head hastily to the nearby eaterie: the POODLE DOG.

Dept of snack food shared by True Margrit (and Heather Carawan) at Poodle Dog:

Fish and chips, one blackberry shake, one chocolate malt, several servings of navy bean soup redolent with...you guessed it: BACON!!!

For tomorrow, we are planning a daytrip to that famous, very tall, and currently impressively icy nearby mountain and then we will head to Vashon Island for the next show...!

yabba dabb adieu
i love yew


Blogger Margrit said...


Howdy woman! Yes ! We scan the horizon for the evil cement donkey & still strive to reclaim the lumpia from the man.


I wouldn't be doing my job right if you weren't hungry!
Yes, it is grey here and --secretly: I like it like that


Sat Sep 17, 01:52:00 AM PDT  

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