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Tuesday, September 13, 2005

More Olympia Notes

The Hookah Lounge is immediately amongst the odder places we have played. Not quite like the Hawaiian Princess Schooner around Alcatraz at Sunset, where Margrit, Chris Martin, Chris McGrew & I played what felt like a combination of a Tilt-A-Whil and a log-flume ride, but fun nonetheless... It's like a big living room, couches & throw pillows everywhere. And since a hookah vaporizes the tobacky, there is surprisingly little smoke. Very young crowd, a very good gig.

If you're in Olympia and want a good organic meal, try The Souphouse. Excellent homemade soups and salads. I had a field greens salad with lots of stuff & a lemon tahini dressing w/ an incredible red lentil soup, and Adnrew opted for the Pazole, a spicy Mexican chicken and pork soup. Probably the healthiest meal we've had on this trip.

Miraculously, we have thus far avoided a single visit to any fast food places (weel, if you discount the Ezell's Famous Chicken Margrit and I succumed to in the Fred Meyers' parking lot near Andrew's house the other day. Not bad, as good or better than Popeye's and certainly better than that "other" national brand.


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