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True Margrit

Tuesday, September 13, 2005

Sept 13, 2005

This will go down in True Margrit histoire as The Very Very Long Day......

We get a call from the Tacoma Weekly from a writer needing the song titles to help him in writing a review of SEAWORTHY!!
Always quick to help someone helping us, we jet over to their office--which makes us late to our radio gig at KAOS radio on D'Land's THE WORLD IS FUNKT show. We barely make it with any moments to spare, then we go into town (Olympia being the town in question now) and drop gear off at tonight's venue and then catch lunch & then I head back to KAOS to do the RADIO 8 BALL show with Andras Jones (radio 8 ball is very cool!-- it's a call-in-divination-show where the callers' questions are answered by the magical mystery of pop music) . Michael Penn is the other guest (via phone)--we keep passing like ships in the gig harbor: we played Music Millennium on sept 11 & Michael Penn played there on sept 12--ooooooh)

The show is done at 8 and then I head back to the venue for a two set gig that ends at 11 pm


We play at Fire and Earth: a very chill hookah bar (how chill you may ask? Their sign for the show stated: "True Margrit 9ish")

The air was thick with tobacco and melody. A grand time was had by all-- and not just because I had on my favorite socks AND favorite bra. Our new friends from Melon Baller quartet and Feedbackarach were there-- which was damned nice since they heard us just on Saturday!

palindrome spelled backwards is emordnilap

able I was ere I saw olympia


Blogger Gary said...

Sadly, no: i shall have to hear both.

Michael Penn on the radio is a nice guy, as I understand he is in real life as well. He & (wife) Aimee Mann have done shows that they asked my pal Ron Lynch to emcee- Ron introduced them as a foreign musical couple who spoke no english, and they played right along.

Wed Sep 14, 12:15:00 PM PDT  
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