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Monday, September 12, 2005

Sept 12. 2005

Well, now. We are so very fancy-schmancy now, cuz we justt dropped off our "stock" (that is, CDs) at our distributor, BURNSIDE DISTRIBUTION CORP!!! and then we dropped Cds off at CD BABY too!!


SEAWORTHY is out and about on the town. Git git get get gat begat ye one.

lapse of time....

Dept of shows that were great, but you were never totally sure if they were gonna happen:
Mississippi Studios! A super-duper-nice venue, yessirree BOB (bob spelled backwards is bob)

It was a real joy to play at a real live listening room. We open for Jenna Mammina whose lovely appreciative crowd welcomes us into their bosom (not literally, ok? I just mean they dug us and gave love right back as we played our hearts out)

The show was never exactly confirmed until a week before we left SF, so we were a wee little bit nervous, but upon further examaination we do see "True Margrit at Mississippi Studios sept 12" in the current Willamette Week-- a nice hint that all is on.

Mississippi Studios shows silent movies in their back yard and for that alone Gary & I love them. It is a rather a magical-ish experience all-round (although we do so miss Andrew at our duo gig, dammit).

We trio, we three
How can one be three
When one is short one
or cups overflow with quintets of oboes
flugelhorns & cellos?
Octets of tympanis?

just we three are one
piano, drums & bass please.

After gig we head out got Tacoma & get here around 1:30 am-ish. I am trying to read GOD EMPEROR OF DUNE. Very weird & affecting brain. Will report further.


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