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Saturday, September 17, 2005

The Matrix

One pill sends our sci-fi Alice
Down a worm (in lieu of a rabbit) hole
One pill makes Laurence Fishbourne
Do martial arts in slo-mo

one pill can make an actor
just like Keanu Reeves
seem like he has something
more significant up his sleeve

But no--wait!

It's not that Matrix--it's the Matrix Coffeehouse, a GROOVY venue in Chehalis, WA where we played tonight. A very nice room with a cool stage and vibe. Moon and Rick, the proprietors are about the sweetest humans on earth. Good eats and fun were had by all. We all had delish curry for din din, though some like it hotter than others. Me: mild. Gary & Andrew: spicy & spicy...ouch, that's hot, but that's not hot enough! They like their eats spicy yes they do.

The Matrix was the last official gig of the 1st Pacific Northwestern Leg of the SEAWORTHY TOUR. Tomorrow we are hanging with some friends, cooking grub (and maybe playing some tunes--natch!) On monday we head back towards California--we do have a gig in SF on Thursday, after all.


We will hafta bid buh-bye to Washington with its odd juxtaposition of George Washington's head in silhouette on the highway signs incongruously next to all those Native American words, like: Puyallup, Seattle, Tacoma. Did those twain ever really meet...? The original Americans and our famous 1st president/ interloper? I guess Captain Cook did have some contact with Pacific northwest tribes,,, and of course, Lewis & Clark, but George Washington? I dunno.

I will hafta read up on that...

There's more to know--always more, gentle readers.


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