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Friday, November 13, 2009

Tomorrow and Tomorrow and Tomorrow Show

Notwithstanding the above date that I'm posting this entry-- for the purposes of the story I'm telling y'all it is now Saturday, November 7th 2009.

Since our gig tonight isn't until midnight, Gary & I head down to Hermosa Beach & visit more of my family! YAY!

That's my very own sis, MIM EICHLER RIVAS who is famous and cool.

...and her hubby, my bro-in-law (also hella famous) VICTOR RIVAS RIVERS!

and Eli my nephew--destined for all kinds of greatness, mischief, and music!

Though Josie the Jack Russel looks alluringly at us, we nonetheless head off to prepare for tonight's event:THE TOMORROW SHOW. After a delish meal of smoked tri-tip & taters & home-made rolls that ANdrew & Lynn whipped up (WHOA!) we get ourselves & our gear to the Steve Allen Theatre.

When we take the stage we are thrilled to see that the show is standing room only! WOW! Sold out! FUN! Adrenalin! Yay! Like three little rock vampires, we are feeding off the humans in the room, and we bring the rock up yet another notch and plow through our mini-set with fervor. Since this is a variety show with comics, knife-throwers, and jugglers, the juggler generously agrees to juggle during our tune "the Juggler's Progress". It is pretty much perfection--popular with the us AND the audience. At the end of our last song, I'm busting some kind of silly stage-move twisting and gesturing on the big finishing note when my foot connects with my hat (which has somehow fallen off---hmmm) and I surf for a few yards and then go down flat on my ass right as the songs ends. Hilarious! Awesome!

There are tons of peeps here we are thrilled to see & be seen by, including but not limited to:

EBAN SCHLETTER (the fabulous friend and genius who also happens to be one of our many former drummers)

AND could it be? really?? OH MY GOD!


Of Astrology Songs fame + so much more!

Wow! We ARE in L.A.!! we will remember the Tomorrow Show tomorrow & tomorrow & tomorrow....