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Tuesday, November 03, 2009

Tell Me Why I do Love Mondays

I wanna rock the whole night down.

So, after our mellow stay in Portland, OR, we head back up the pike to Olympia, WA ( who routed this madcap zigzag tour--oops, that's me). We arrive at Charlie's Tavern as Monday night football is ending and the opening band, SLUGBAIT sets up their gear. They roar through a rousing set of garage punk joy, and we see that our task this evening is clear: to rock. And so we do! We tear through a pumping set of tunes and get pretty fired up in the process. A drunken soul keeps appearing onstage with me, waving a Halloween decoration --that is, a rubber ersatz severed hand with fake blood. He staggers about with it at his loins, but nobody reacts much to his foolish pranks. A few songs later he appears at my right side plinking some keys on my piano while we play "Make Them Beg"I swat at him, rather effectively I must say, and keep playing. He splits--not just the stage, but the bar, too. Off into the night he goes to interrupt someone else's gig where others will perhaps find it more amusing.

After our set, we meet some nice local peeps, sell some CDs, and chat with members of SLUGBAIT-- who have been together since the early nineties--and I say: more power to them! After all, there has been a True Margrit band about that long, too--more power to us!!

Anyhoo, we are pretty tired at this point in the evening--it is now the fifth of seven gigs in a row, and we do feel it...rock gods though we are.

So, we call it a night and turn our headlights towards warm & cozy beds. Tomorrow is another gig. And the day after, too...


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