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Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Going to California

Sunday, November 1st, 2009, 7:45 am: I am awakened by Andrew who is intoning my name in a mysterious dialect that utilizes a very soft r --sorta like: "mawgwit". Ugh--that wasn't very much sleep. But we have to drive down the coast to Arcata, CA & it's pretty far.

We get ourselves all bundled into the vehicles and off we go down Highway One. About an hour out of Newport, I realize I'm not wearing my necklace. DAMN! I left it on the bedside table at the bungalow. And thus begins the portion of the tour wherein we forget many personal and/ or professional items--or better yet we THINK we are forgetting them, some actually turn up, not lost after all. The point is, we are very sleep-deprived. I call the motel & they agree to mail me my missing jewelry. Nice.

We arrive in Arcata at Muddy's Hot Cup around 3:30 and set up our instruments slightly wearily. It's a good thing we are doing this show in the afternoon--we won't have much steam left later on, that's for sure. Our opener, The Phoebes do a lovely set of gentle tunes, then we get rowdy for our portion of the show, and then it's all over. We tear down the gear, stuff it in the truck, and go across the street for some good vegetarian hippie food. We are definitely back in California.


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