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True Margrit

Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Of Vampires and Meat Pies

On Saturday, October 31st 2009 we drive down to Newport, Oregon to Nana's Irish Pub. It's a wee pretty town with a gorgeous beach.

We meet Nana's three proprietresses who are all dressed as fetching vampires and who treat us like royalty with:
1) a bungalow to sleep in
2) a SCRUMPTIOUS Nana's meal including fish & chips, meat pie, and sausages with glorious fixins ( and later bread pudding--yum!)
3) all the beer Andrew can drink (this amount is not inconsiderable, my friends)

We play three sets ( yes, this is a long long long night ) whilst costumed & bedecked & progressively more inebriated Newportians and tourists swirl through the room, doing the Newport Halloween Pub Crawl. It is quite a sight to behold. We meet many nice folks both during our sets and during the breaks--it is a very chillaxing scene. Some buy our CD, some tip us in chanterelles (!), some give us their own CDs...altogether most hospitable.

Even the funnest parties must end though, so as the hour grows late we tear down our instruments, pop them in the car and head wearily and pleased to our cozy bunglaow. Trick or treat, dude.


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