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Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Hot Dogs, Sandwiches, Kids

Nov 2 is to be a travel day--after which we have two whole days off before our Los Angeles shows.

After a tasty breakfast at Golden Harvest in Eureka we head south-that is, after the waitress runs out to the parking waving Gary's credit card which he left on our table. The ongoing theme of feorgetting our belongings continues...

The scenery is quite lovely traveling down Highway 1.

And tasty is the food at our second stop at PASTA FARM--although the offering of "Hot Dogs, Sandwiches, Kids" on their menu is a bit disconcerting... wait a minute...

In due course, we come over the Golden Gate Bridge and enter into the bliss of our three nights + two days off--home, in San Francisco.


Blogger Gary said...

I hasten to add that the Cloverdale's Pasta Farm, despite it's name that might be referring to an old April Fool's joke last seen ion 1965 the Johnny Carson Tonight Show, has some EXCELLENT offerings including real BBQ and 19-hour pulled pork with some excellent sauce. Took a chance and turned out to be well worth the stop!

Thu Nov 12, 12:12:00 AM PST  
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