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True Margrit

Tuesday, November 03, 2009

Food & Sleep: Day-Six-Without-a-Break

Come morning, the voice in our heads intones:

"Hey True Margrit! You just played five gigs in five nights across two states, riding autos, trucks, and ferries playing for teens,toddlers, hipsters, baby-boomer parents, bikers, and punk rockers! What are you gonna do NOW!???"


This is a corn cake (so good it could be called a porn cake).

Fried Okra--way better than the version from Ramsey's Cafeteria in Knoxville... it's a hit!

and the remains of my fried catfish ( perfection) with black-eyed peas & collard greens.

Thus fortified we stride into our day robustly and make it in plenty of time to the THE SWISS PUB where we are playing a Get-Out-The-Vote event for the local Democrats. KIM ARCHER and her super-talented band open the evening up with a big set of big versions of big songs. Next up, we play our very own big tunes, and we all relish the big stage and the detailed sound coming back to us through the pumping monitor system (especially Andrew).

Afterwards, we enjoy hanging with the diverse, fun, politically-savvy group of folk. This group includes the Pierce County Auditor candidate Julie Anderson who buys our CDs--yay! Unfortunately, we hang out so long that the kitchen is closed--DANG! I am now thinking longingly of blankets, pillows, and horizontallity. We go home & snack, for though tired, we are also hungry yet again, Southern Kitchen notwithstanding...that was HOURS ago. And then we do sleep.


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