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Saturday, November 14, 2009

There was a lot of Glitter

Sunday, November 8th: another travel day... we plan to zoom up Highway 5 back to San Francisco! We leave as early as we can bear to (considering that after getting back from the Tomorrow Show we went to sleep sometime after 4 am). And we do our best to zoom. But we are still one hundred miles from San Francisco when the sun sets.

We pass through a landscape that looks a lot like THE JUGGLER's PROGRESS album cover.

Go figure.

Lapse of time....three days off--yes sir yes sir three days off!

Thursday, Nov 12th. We hasten over the dubious Bay Bridge (PLEASE: FIX IT!) towards Sacramento. We are to play tonight at the awesome Irish Pub & rock venue The FOX and GOOSE.
We arrive at our destination quite early, so Gary & Andrew start in on the chocolate stout. I'm not quite ready for my beer--but soon, soon....

We decide to set up our gear before our interview with Hot Mix 106 ( all I can say is:...!!) which is at 7pm (before the show). We unload the gear from the truck, set up the gear, eat some yummy pub grub, I apply glitter liberally to my face, and our interviewers Cory & Laura B promptly show up & ask some questions which they record for a piece on Hot Mix 106 about True Margrit. And then it's time for the opening act RACHEL LOMAX to start. Rachel plays some SUPER COOL music--intricate, melodic, zesty, and clever. All the members of True Margrit love it. She is accompanied by James Clark on guitar who plays some extra tasty sweet licks & harmonies that blend perfectly with Rachel's tunes.

I order my own chocolate stout ( it really does taste like choclate!). We dive into our set and have a grand old time playing for this happy warm crowd, who send love our way. As the rock simmers & boils & I jump up on the piano, somehow my microphone keeps getting knocked off the stand. Don't know my own strength...oopsie...or it's the chocolate stout talking. All in good fun and rock.

After the show I have a hilarious chat with James the guitarist during which we become very silly--I love it! I try to convince him to come to our CD RELEASE in San Francisco, but we reason that as he'd be traveling from Sacramento, he'd have to get up at the buttcrack of dawn (as they say)... no, earlier...the rectum of dawn...nope, the colon of dawn... NO NO NO--the acid reflux of dawn!!! Haha. Gross. And funny.

We also talk about the viral nature of glitter. I notice that from shaking hands with me, he has acquired glitter on his face. And others in the club have also fallen prey to my insidious glitter conspiracy and are be-flecked with the shiny stuff. Mwa ha ha.

All thing must wind down, so we hurl the gear in the vehicle & head to Elk Grove where lives our generous host & hostess (Kevin and Danielle) who are putting us up for the evening. Off we go, leaving a cloud of dust--and of course, glitter.


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