...being the observations and navigational extracts
from the ongoing expeditions of San Francisco Piano Pop trio
True Margrit

Tuesday, September 06, 2005

True Margrit's Pacific NW tour begins!

Monday sept 5, 2005:
Seaworthy tour 1st NW leg
San Francisco
sea level

departure planned for 9am
departure occurred at noon.

Gary has provided 5777 songs for the tour iPod. Whilst enjoying tunes I am re-reading Children of Dune. It occurs to one that Frank Herbert perhaps indulged in a lot o consciousness expanding substances. If you have read any of his books you know what I am sayin. out there.

Department of today's top three iPod shuffle segues (don't try it at home- it's dangerous):
3) Somebody's Gonna get their Head Kicked in Tonight by the REZILLOS into: Mysterioso by the Carla Bley Band;
2) Down by the Sea by the Strawbs into: It's Nice to be With You by the Monkees
1) True Margrit's very own song Jamie (from OUR cd Deceptively True) into: Catch a Wave by the BEACH BOYS

Dept. of hunting and gathering on the road: If you time your trip to Oregon properly you will be lucky like us and stop for dinner in Ashland at the Wild Goose Cafe. I had the stuffed eggplant with red bell-pepper sauce- yes! oh yes! It came with buttery garlic toasts.

Little toasts! Oh! Little toasts!
Shining bright in the plates of the night
what clever hand buttered you in the kitchen of delight
little toasts shaped a bit like little boats

As good as my dish was, after I tasted Gary's pecan-crusted snapper I couldn't help but look longingly at his plate as the fish disappeared.

We arrive at our first destination (Eugene) around 11:30. Our good friend Bradley Erichsen is hosting us at his super-cool and comfy new studio (HARMONY STUDIO). He has a beautiful new orange fluffy kitten we have now dubbed Professor Ngulu Walter Mondale.


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