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Wednesday, September 07, 2005

Life in Eugene (Sept.6)

One might think from the previous post that this has been a restaurant tour thus far, but after a few tours you really appreciate quality food where you can find it!

The radio broadcasts have been loads of fun. We were on KWVA for a full hour this afternoon, playing 5 or 6 songs live in the studio and talking with Mr. Random (on his Armadillo show- Don't ask.) The contact was set up by my old buddy, the Rev. Marc Time (ex-drummer for the Jars). He has a streaming radio show from KWVA- The Sunday Morning Hangover that is well worth getting up at 8AM on Sunday for. (Did I just write that?) Back in the day, Marc and I were Djs at KALX together, and he was the first DJ in the Bay Area to play the Residents. (We both got fired for playing too much "punk rock-" this was early 1977.) He and his wife Barb- another old friend- joined us at Ring Of Fire and amazed everybody with their rapier wit and dogged insistence at referring to me as "Armin" all night.

BTW, streaming audio from this and future radio broadcasts on this tour (check our tour schedule) will be up on our website soon.

Our first actual gig is tomorrow night. Can't wait!


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