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Sunday, December 13, 2009

The Blur at the End of the Year

I always picture the last few weeks of the year like a stream of water speeding up as the last bit goes down the drain--time seems to zoom by at the end of the year, doesn't it? It's almost a blur.

Anyhoo. Many many many thank yous are in order to SO many people for making 2009 a fab & fun & fancy year for True Margrit. Here are two important categories (some of you are in both category 1& 2! You rock)

1) Thank you SO MUCH to everybody who downloaded "Syllable" for the
Playlist 7 Contest!!!. Thanks to YOU we were featured on a few sites including This one ( and other links & massive email blasts) & we thus got exposed to all kinds of new fans & even made some $$$ AWESOME! We do fervently thank YOU!!!

2) A big thank you goes out to all you heroes & heroines who came to the shows on the tour --with a particular hometown tip of the gratitude hat to you rocking throngs at Bottom of the Hill Album Launch!! Virtual hugs go embracingly out to you music-supporting-sweeties.

In other news:

We are doing both a press campaign & a college radio campaign & they are both going REALLY well--THE JUGGLER's PROGRESS has been added to over 80 new radio station libraries and it's in regular rotation on 40 of those 80! More on that coming up in 2010. We will post the reviews of THE JUGGLER's PROGRESS as they come in...!

We will be back out on the road in late January/ early February corresponding to the OFFICIAL STREET DATE release for THE JUGGLER's PROGRESS Our San Francisco show to mark that occasion will be on Friday, January 29th at El Rio with Blair Hansen & The Steelwells from Southern Cal!!!

All the tour dates are not nailed down for sure yet--as it it being booked as we speak--but it looks like we'll be in Seattle on February 6th, Portland on February 12th + dates in Eugene, and Tacoma, etc. are forthcoming. More on that as it gets sorted...

In other other news:
Some local stars have been sighted at my project studio ABSOLUTELY TRUE SOUND recently...

for example:

Monica Pasqual (of Blame Sally) recorded a couple of tunes with me that are slated for her upcoming solo release!


I'm producing the upcoming Clair album. Here's Maria Stanford!

and one of our feline stars: FUSCHIA!


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