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Saturday, October 24, 2009

Shooting Pies

In the a.m. after our Cozmic Pizza show, we chat with our hosts--Barb and Marc Time for a spell. Barb rescues feral cats and makes sure they are spayed/neutered. She introduces us to the cats she is feeding and helping. Marc tells us about the Mysterious Case of the Junction City Panty Burglar, and thus edified we hit the none-too-dry road.

Breakfast @ Pioneer Villa, truckstop/restaurant-- many pies, thick bacon.

We sit down at our Pioneer Villa table & Andrew, having missed the pie shoot, inquires if we shot the pies, and it is confirmed-yes, pies shooting has been accomplished. All in a days work.

Through the downpour we zip back up HWY 5 to Washington. After a brief stop at Andrew's house for a very perfunctory cleansing of our travel grime, we hasten to the Vashon Island Ferry at Point Defiance . Just in time we get over to Cafe Luna & have a nice Friday night show with a warm & attentive group of Island folks. We do two massive sets including many songs from SEAWORTHY & THE JUGGLER's PROGRESS. Since there are wee ones there, we gamely attempt the rarely performed, "Duckie Blues". When we announce we have CDs for sale one of the kids runs up to me & asks which CD has that duck song--cute! Well, maybe an online single will have to be recorded one of these days.

Puget Sound --or is it? I just had this perverse thought of claiming that this is a pic of The Riviera--or Guam--or Poughkeepsie. But y'all would see right through that....

ok getting punchy--more tomorry!


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