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Wednesday, May 07, 2008

Unstoppable Forces Meeting Moveable Feasts


One weekend it's Amy Meyers' stunning sitdown CD release concert show, the next week it's Christina Kowalchuk's spectacular gala rockclub album launch at Hotel Utah where much rock was made. You'd think I MIGHT want a break, but no--I wish there was another CD release event this coming weekend... maybe True Margrit's, perchance to dream, for instance?... But, nay, it's not ready... though, soon in the grand scheme of things, soon.

Meanwhile, the day after the Hotel Utah show, Christina treated me & her mom & her hubby (her spouse: the incomparable Brian Fahy) to dinner to celebrate all the rock, mother's day, Brian's acceptance into Oxford, etc. We went to a newish place in Bernal Heights called Tinderbox. And yum. After a week of being a veritable virtuous vegetarian, I was ready for viandes. And we partook of many luscious viandes, indeed--lamb, beef, chorizo, bacon, game hen, SWEETBREADS (first time--they taste like a three-way marriage between a pistachio, a shiitake and a chicken liver--YUM!, ). Not to mention the whimsically presented veggies from all corners of the earth in their most glorious technicolor hues. And some sweet succulent shrimps and char ( a mysteriously scrumptious fish served with the greenest spinach ever grown). Plus cheese grits ( in which the aforementioned shrimps swam posthumously--bless them!) peanut butter beignets, basil panna cotta, cheesy filled dates, s'mores,,, All prepared, arranged, (dare I say composed?) and flavored just so. Most impressive. Did I order all these dishes--naw--we were sharing tastes. Lovely. We had about 35 drinks each going all at once and we were all most jolly and mostly spoke of when we would come back & what we would order next time--cuz the force that creates appetite for great food and righteous rock allows for an unstoppable and fast moving feast...

... so, bon appetit, rockstars,


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