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Saturday, March 08, 2008

That was Rock of You

Friday I am worse for the wear, viruswise--my cold is getting worse, not better. But we nonetheless scoot up to Hayes Valley to play at the Art is MY BAG opening at Agesong Gallery ---a cool, sadly soon to be defunct, very reverbant (i.e. echo-y) artspace. We play a couple of lower key sets ( lower key for us) whilst the art is enjoyed by the folk of Hayes Valley & beyond-- and then we check out the art ourselves, too. I particularly love Leigh Radke's pieces with paper bag stamps, Madeleine Vietmeier, Virginia Greene & Tina Callo's polar bear, and Charlotte Seekamp's bee piece. The bee's are the thing I have been obsessing on in some new tunes lately. Charlottle's piece focuses on the very thing that got me fixated on the subject--CCD, or Colony Collapse Disorder. Bee colonies are disappearing at an alarming rate--and people, this is no joke. Pollinating makes the world of produce go round --and that's the whole world.

Anyhoo, I am thrashed & tired & feverish afterwards, but I feel righteous for having played whilst sick & not blaspheming against the rock gods that demand the rockshow must go on. Or that's what I tell myself for comfort when my fever rises & I pass a dismal hallucinatory virulent night.

But then, someone might say to me: dude, that was rock of you.

Now, I can't take cred for that excellent exhortation. "Dude that was rock of you" is the phrase that Andrew came up with the other night when Gary told us about his recent nerve-racking super last minute gig with Bryan Magness's hard rock band wherein Gary was playing many songs for the first time. As our hero was striving just to stay afloat with the basslines, the lead singer suddenly draped his arm on Gary's shoulder & shoved the microphone into his face to join in on a chorus of a song Gary didn't remotely know at all. Dude that was rock of you...but.

Monday finds me still sneezing, slightly feverish, and totally sick of being sick, but gamefully powering the tea, soup, and costume drama DVDs. Must get better! We have shows this weekend! There is yet more rock to be made, dude.

Now hand me my pretty pink kleenex.


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