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Tuesday, April 22, 2008


OH to be a bee.
For, if I was, I'd go buzz,,,

Well, with those penetrating aphoristic words of solipsistic supposition, I begin the first blog of April.

& I ask: how goes it all, fair readers? This is a week of bizzzzzy-ness in these parts. I have been rehearsing with
Amy Meyers for her upcoming CD RELEASE EVENT in a supergroup which consists of:

Pam Delgado & Jeri Jones (of Blame Sally)
Judea Eden
Joyce Baker
Paul Olguin

...hellfire......I'm proud to be American.

Also making me patriotic is getting to mix Chris Dingman's CD ( his cool alt-country/roots/Americana band is called Crooked Roads Go here to hear 'em, you hear?

And I'm equally fired up about the next project in the docket :
Teresa Esguerra's uber hip songs

But wait--the fervor runs deep!

Next week ANOTHER supergroup will rock your worlds (if you dare be rocked--oh do dare, do!) at Christina Kowalchuk's CD LAUNCH at Hotel Utah on May 3! And.. YES! I produced this album, by gum!

And the supergroup for THIS show will include:
True Margrit's own Gary Hobish on bass.
True Margrit's own me on keys.
Robin Roth on drums.
Teresa Esguerra on guitar.
Emil Besson (of the Judea Eden Band) on guitar.
and Christina Kowalchuk on singing her tunes!

True Margrit will be doing a set as well, with Robin Roth filling in for Andrew. Also, there will be sets by: Teresa Esguerra, Judea Eden, and BLUE RABBIT!!!!!

Anyhoo. It is interesting how zzzzzzzz can represent buzzing and hivelike activity-- or sleep and snoring. Soon we shall rock.
Then we shall sleep. THEN WE SHALL ROCK AGAIN--as bees are my witness, honey.


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