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Monday, January 07, 2008

Villains and Heroines

Fair Readers--I'm sick again with a revolting cold. But I strive to carry on (not carrion, however) as I have so much to relate to y'all. One has to strive to be a heroine sometimes, cuz the alternative is too noisome.

First off: on & around X-mas I had a superfun recording spree for the new True Margrit CD (THE JUGGLER's PROGRESS)-- 10 of thirteen(ish) songs now have lead vocals! That leaves three more to sing + overdubbing trinkets and whatnot--that is, backing vocals, guitars, organ, electric piano, and...flugelhorn, harp? bassoon? sax? strings? ukele? kazoo? We can't know what mysterious direction it will all go, but just that it will land somewheres we like to display for y'all.

Also, as promised, I have undertaken a 7-week songwriting marathon-i.e. to write a song a week from dec 7 - jan 25. The table is open for you--the friends/ fans of True Margrit-- to make suggestions for song topics if you are so inclined ( but I reserve the right to write what I will). I am proud to say I am in fact on schedule with this project!! The first four of these are completed and demoed and posted on one of the new True Margrit-related sites: New Margrit songs.

Thus far I have posted:

1)"Everyday Has Its Dog"--which is based on a suggestion from Symon Michael about a couple who whilst breaking up, fight over the custody of their dog.

2) "Try and See" is about powers of perception/self deception and their limits--the idea was suggested by... uh...me.

3)"Yesterday is Tomorrow" came from a request by my friend Louis Velazquez who suggested that I write a song about reincarnation,,, which it is, after a fashion...although it supports a concept of reincarnation that allows spirits/beings/selves to "come back" as something they will be in the future (in other words it involves time travel). Also, since Louie is a big Trekkie the title is a bastardization of the "Tomorrow is Yesterday" Star Trek time travel episode. Plus, Louis recently had a weird experience in a cave where an albino bat inexplicably followed him around, so the bat in the song is a reincarnation of some past friend trying to reach out to him...

4) "Only the Stars Have Their Heads in Jars"
Well,Alex Walsh shot me an email that said, "something about jars". So this song was what resulted.

Over the holidays, in additon to writing & recording, I saw many films-- including, but not limited to: Sweeny Todd, Juno, Atonement, No Country For Old Men. These are some great (and some not as great, not naming anyone but their initials are Sweeny) films--but what a gloomy, bloodied lot they are (except for the delightful teenage pregnancy romp, Juno)! A few nights ago I re-watched the original "Terminator" (in preparation for the imminent Sarah Connor Chronicles). In the midst of Arnold's inexorable carnage, I had an epiphany about how the Terminator & the villain of No Country For Old Men, Anton Chigurh, are in many ways the same character... although the comparison falls down upon too much reflection. The Terminator is more like Death, since he is mechanical, whereas Chigurh is the Devil--cuz he is pure evil through and through. But it would be hilarious/ disturbing to have Javier Bardem replace Arnold in one of those Terminator movies....eeek.

Speaking of villains I watched the presidential candidates' New Hampshire smackdown on Saturday---whoa! People! What a chaotic mess, especially the Republicans. Very entertaining though. But all around, more high road, and less claptrap about taking the elevated route is sorely needed. Less style more substance, people. With all the spin about change, it's harder to spot the villains & heroines as they whirl about faster & faster.

But if you genuinely try and see, you can catch 'em. Oh yeah.


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