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Saturday, March 29, 2008

The SPECTACULAR GLORIA JUSTEN + more heretofore unintentionally neglected heroes

Fair readers. As I have been relating in a handful of earlier blogs, we are blessed to have some truly super-special guests sitting in on our upcoming CD, THE JUGGLER's PROGRESS. HOWEVER! I have not yet revealed our viiolin virtuoso hero... until NOW:

GLORIA JUSTEN !!! People, she is a force to be reckoned with! I'm VERY excited for y'all to hear the savory deliciousness of these tasty tracks she has cooked up with us! YES YES YES! So stay tuned as we wind up the CD ( at least a few months away).

Other heroes:

NUSI has written a very cool review of my solo show last month (and it's quotable--she calls me a "piano ninja"--among other flattering things--which I really appreciate and love). AND she posted a photoblog of the big EL RIO show on her myspace page!! WOW! check it out.

Russell David has played us so many times on his cool podcast that ya'll should know by default he has great taste, so check out all the episodes. simplemuzik podcast

...What else?

Today Christina Kowalchuk and I burned through day number four? Seven? Twelve? ( Well, who's counting and why) We are mixing her excellent album project. Then I went up to the Haight to participate in one of Judea Eden's all-star exravaganza shows--this one in celebration of her birthday ( and GARY's too!). In addition to Judea & the True Margrit duo (Gary & me) There were sets by:

Carrie Baum's mind-blowingly awesome rock opera
Vicious Fish
Plus Maria Stanford's awesome set with Shelley Doty and Jeni Day.

and others...

I played my new silly song solo (finished this afternoon...!) and then Gary & I played a wee set of newer tunes.

About the new song---here are the words-- if you watch the L-Word and hate the horrid theme song as much as I do you will appreciate this (otherwise not) .... ++ SPOILER ALERT++

"I Hate the L Word Theme Song (Raise Up Your Remote)"
Some pleasures are guilty and some are profound
some make joyful noise and some make stranger sounds
some stick in your head in the very worst way
I want to be proud to announce I'm gay

So raise up your remote now
put it on mute
a theme song so annoying though it can't pollute
the perfect performance of Jennifer Beals
if you raise up your remote and show us how you feel

I'm really psyched for Elizabeth Ziff
I know she can write way better riffs
than the ones that she used for the L-Word song
even lover Cindy won't sing along

SO raise up your remotes now
put them on mute
a theme song so dismal though it can't pollute
the perfect performance of Jennifer Beals
if you raise up your remote and show us how you feel

We all bow to fate though sometimes we can choose
so why kill of Dana instead of that tune
musical taste is a lot like sex
you might fall in love you might have regrets

SO raise up your remote now put it on mute
a theme song so heinous though it can't pollute
the perfect performance of Jennifer Beals
if you raise up your remote and show us how you feel


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