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Tuesday, December 04, 2007

Pride, Prejudice, and Perfume

Oh readers, you will be sad to hear that I was sickly last week. I was ever so close to finishing up the mixes for Judea Eden's new CD (out on Jan 12) when I was stricken with vile stomach ( and other parts) flu. Mostly miserable. However, I did prudently take the opportunity to break from music work, park on the couch, and recuperate over some costume dramas. I watched the new --that is, the Keira Knightly--version of "Pride & Prejudice" which is ever so dandy. I love all that repression and longing-- oh so very hot. Then I watched the Gwyneth Paltrow "Emma" which is good -- although not quite as compelling as "P & P". I suppose I like Elizabeth Bennet more as a heroine, and when she's being protrayed by the ever-so- vibrant-alive-glowing-with-health Keira Knightly...well, it works for me, thats all. I told my roommate David Gremard that KK reminds me of my cat Fuschia with their glossy coats, long legs, and sharp teeth...what the?

Anyhoo, then Sarah & David & I watched the movie "Perfume" which is quite something. Some folks don't like it--and I sympathize cuz I love my protaganists to be sympathetic. However, I ended up loving it-- "Perfume" is more of an allegory and less about character, as the film is basically about someone with such a developed sense of smell that this gift/affliction becomes an unusual metaphor for artistic genius which is then taken to a gruesomely absurd extreme.. not for the faint of nose.

And this week I am back off the couch and ready to gig! Look/ listen for us at Dolores Park Cafe this friday!!! wooo=woooo

Smell you later.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Saw Perfume recently, well done in general, good character building, original cinematography... expresses a lot about human nature as well.

Tue Feb 26, 03:55:00 PM PST  

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