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Monday, November 07, 2005

Rehearsing with the crew

Ouch! This is another instance of the alarming nature of the alarm clock. I am in the middle of a dream mashup in which I am trying gamely to sing Sparrows Point's song, "Fear I'm Fading" into Neil Aaron's "Butterfly". It's a supremely unlikely combo of metal & folk-pop. Just when I am getting it, the beeping ruins the chorus. I jump up--Ned Howey is coming over to rehearse his bassoon parts for the CD Release party!! I must be prepared!

Ned arrives with his basson and we run his tunes, mark up some charts, and generally have a lively morning-time session. He is just simply fabulous. And bassoon is a sadly underused instrument in pop music.

There is a lapse of time during which emails, phone calls, and a recording session occur. And then Judea Eden, Amy Meyers, Kat Downs, Pam Delgado, and Gary come over and we practice all the harmonies from SEAWORTHY for the big big big show. Six vocalists--yeah that's the sound! We are all rather pleased with the results, it is going to be quite stunning.,,I believe this vessel will float.


Blogger Gary said...

People WILL talk...

Tue Nov 08, 08:08:00 PM PST  

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