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Friday, October 14, 2005

Open the Podcast Bay Door --and other songs

Yesterday we got some very lovely glowing comments from radio station dj Alan Haber of WEBR in Virginia who checked out SEAWORTHY on CD Baby. We will be getting airplay in Virginia! (more details when it happens)

Oh--this instant cyber gratification!

( I don't mean internet porn)

But it's quick ain't it? We have music that folk from all around this big ol' juicy globe can taste & test as though they were enjoying a remote buffet of so many melodic appetizers and tapas.

I (for example) can (and do) write something in this here blog. It's posted in mere nano-seconds... comments fly, tears (of joy and mirth, hopefully) are shed. Or someone goes to CD Baby and orders SEAWORTHY. It arrives at their doorstep with alacrity. They write a review ...I read it from the comfort of my own loft... But, wait! Is it it too fast? Will the novelty wear off? Will we become ever so jaded? Will the pod bay door remain closed? Will we require itty bitty chips to be burrowed under our epidermis to make like synapses and be swifter yet than thought itself? Will my mac develop sentience and start eyeing my sandwich and snag it with a mysterious robot arm before I get to eat some damned lunch...

...naw. it's cool.

oh podcast oh blog
but--do you miss riding your hog?
Used to rassle bear
Now you go to work in your underwear
gazing at the computer
that's how you hooked up with your suitor
who asked you out in an email
it's great when there's no way to fail
cuz it's hard to be very blue
in a world you can always undo


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