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Sunday, October 09, 2005

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ADDED 10/11/06:
Bryce from Suffering From Sanity played Vanity Loves Company on show #25 (45:10 into the show, show title Not-So-Instant-Replay). He had previously featured Vanity on show #8 (12:22 in). There's some nice quality melodic/indie kinda stuff on this diverse podcast from Seattle, so listen up!

That Blue Jeans Guy (from Bay City MI) played True on his show #34 (14:37 into his show). As Margrit has noted, we seem to be quite popular in the cosmopolitan northern Midwest!

Charles from The Multiple Sclerosis Blog Podcast, a show "by and for people with MS" netcasting from New Jersey played Losing Face By Degrees on show #27, "Links and Daisychansaws" (19:35 into the netcast).

Back in June, the Razing Giants Podcast played Members Only on show #31, "What's The Frequency, Kenneth" (22:44 in) . Razing Giants is a bi-weekly podcast "featuring the best music and the best bands you’ve never heard…but should."

This one is a little unusual, even in the "world of niches" that is the demographic makeup of Podcast audiences: Cast-On is "a podcast about knitting and life," hosted by Brenda Dayne. It's a very entertaining half-hour, and the folks who produced the opening have obviously absorbed a fair amount of Firesign Theater records in their past... In episode #25, "Unforced Perspective" Brenda featured Vanity Loves Company (16:42 into the show).

We've shown up a few times on webm-japan [podcasting]. Back in April they did a show featuring Deliver Me (9:32), and a few months before they played Everyone Wins (9:15). It's hard to tell what these guys are about (unless anyone can translate the mostly spoken-word podcast for us), but they sound like they're having fun!

Rubyfruit Radio, a podshow dedicated to playing "only the best podsafe female artists" included Vanity Loves Company in episode #41 (at 23:52 in). Many more great female rockers are featured in this podcast from Georgia.

Borderline, podcasting from Lincoln, NE, features Danni, Lynn and Neil as they talk about pop culture, politics, interview our friends and argue inane topics while drinking, and reviewing, some tasty cocktails. They recently featured Deliver Me on episode #52 (30:00 into the show). Very tasty indeed. This show is a real hoot!

DigiVegas Indie Podcast rolled the dice and came up Losing Face By Degrees. Host Paulie writes:
Great song, Margrit. I like the \"fifth king\" line. Card playing and Vegas kinda go together. I also like the \"tasting labels but not the wine\" line too. A lot of folks tend to show off like that in this town. Being from San Francisco, you might be familiar with the grocery store Trader Joes? \"Three Buck Chuck\" is one of my favorite labels. Overstock wine at a super-cheap price. You never know what each bottle is going to have in it, but that\'s half the fun! -Paulie
The Unharshed Mellow, a Pennsylvania show with a
fun cross genre format that really lets you feel like you are hanging out listening to some new tunes with old friends Addie & Suess, delivered Deliver Me on show #24: "The Girly Show" (52:45 in).

ADDED 2/8/06:
Guitar Chasers Media played True on it's podcast of Jan. 21st at 15:50 into the show.

ADDED 2/2/06:
Josh Pape of Base20 out of England played From Another Zone on his show #8 (at 18:28 in).

ADDED 1/28/06:
Ken Clark of Seattle & Beyond continues to give Seaworthy great support- he played Members Only on:
show # 60 (32:14 in), then most recently on
show #66 played Hours In Reverse (Deja Vu) (37:49 in).

Ken has been a big booster for Seaworthy since before it came out, and his Pacific Northwest oriented Podcast is consistently one of the best out there- you should subscribe and give Seattle & Beyond a listen!

webm-japan played Everyone Wins on their podcast of 11/11/05. Got to love their theme song!

ADDED 10/24/05:
Tiny Binary Life played Vanity Loves Company on Show #13, right at the top of the show. Thanks, Petey Wee!

ADDED 10/15/05:
Deliver Me and Hours In Reverse (Deja Vu) are on the new edition ("Chicks Rule") of the Bandtrax podcast. Click here to listen (13:32 into the MP3), then leave a comment for Renamarie and Canis Lupus.

Also just added- True on Jamie Whitaker's Somacast #41- from right here on Potrero Hill! It's right at the top of the show- Check it out and let him know you're listening!


Happy to report that Seaworthy has been getting play on a number of Podcasts.

1st on the bandwagon was Ken Clark of Seattle And Beyond, who plays a wide variety of artists from Vancouver down through the Bay Area (he has also played Griddle a few times). Ken gave us great support during and after our recent Pacific NW tour, playing us on shows:

#47- Vanity Loves Company (19:48 into the show)
#48- Electricity (00:00 in)
#49- Electricity (21:14 in)
#50- Nothing (and CD giveaway) (00:00 in)
#53- From Another Zone (and CD giveaway) (00:00 in)

Be sure to give Ken's shows a listen. He's always playing great new bands and releases.

Deliver Me was played on the Scents of Magic podcast, and most recently, Seth Goldin played Members Only on Radio Gold #10 (51:15 in).

All this even before the official CD Release Party (Nov. 10th at the Red Devil Lounge with guests Fred, Griddle and Brian Kenney Fresno)! Support your local (and not-so-local) podcasters!


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