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Sunday, November 06, 2005

Diva Radio & other fun

It's 9:30 a.m. and I am trying to wake up & the alarm is beeping, but maybe it will just stop. Stop! OH! wait! I gotta go up to KUSF again! Fontain Riddle is gonna have me on her show: Diva Radio!

Sarah & I whizz up to KUSF (mysteriously we end up in the exact same parking spot Gary & I parked in Friday..spooky). Fontain is there right on time to let me into the studio. We sit down at the table with her assistant Corty running the board in the control room. He appears to give us a signal/gesture/high sign of some sort. So Fontain starts asking me questions about SEAWORTHY. But Corty interrupts, saying:

"We aren't on the air yet."

We feel a little silly. But undeterred, we start over when it's the proper time and Fontain asks lots of questions, we play half of SEAWORTHY, some new fans (Mike Massure and John Priola) win free CDs, and all is well in Diva Radio land.

After the show Sarah & I go to Bambino's in Cole Valley. We split Eggs Benedict and Pecan Belgian Waffles--so neither of us is trammeled into being strictly savory or strictly sweet. Divas need variety.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Gwen Stefani's got nuthin' on you two dames.

Fri Nov 11, 10:11:00 PM PST  
Blogger Margrit said...

well, there's no doubt of that...

Tue Nov 15, 02:23:00 AM PST  

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